Adding the Radiance Office Printer

When at the Radiance Headquarters, printing is offered to all employees free of charge.

In order to print documents, you must first add the Xerox C8045 printer to your device.

Below, instructions have been laid out to complete this process both on Mac and Windows Machines.


  1. Download the Xerox Smart Start Application for Windows
  2. When the application has finished downloading, open it.
  3. Press yes on the prompt asking if you would like this application to make changes to your computer
  4. Click Agree
  5. Click Add Pinter or Updatemceclip2.png

You should now be able to Print from your device to XRX9C934EB37B44


  1. Press Cmd+Space
  2. Search for and open Printers & Scanners
  3. Hit the + sign to add a new printer
  4. Hit the Globe icon to add via IPmceclip0.png
  5. Use IP address
    1. Do not check Add as Duplex Printer
  6. Click Add

You should now be able to print from printer

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